Crayola Marker Maker Kit

crayola marker makerWelcome to where we will be looking into the crayola marker maker review.  This little marker maker has become a great name among kids in 2013 and will predicted to remain a best seller beyond this time.

Before we start looking into the features of the features of marker maker from crayola, if you want to present this to your little one for Christmas  present, you need to hurry up, as this toy is in great demand.

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If you are keen on getting this toy for kid and want detailed information, please go through this article to get better idea on this toy.

The salient feature summary of Crayola Maker Maker Kit are below.

  • Create up to 16 customized markers
  • All the tools needed to create customized colored markers
  • Create your own colors use the mixing guide or make your very own color
  • Dip the marker core to absorb your custom ink
  • Compact design with built in storage

Now let us see how these features help the kids to enjoy this little toy more.

The contents of Crayola Marker Maker Kit

The Crayola Marker Maker kit includes the colors ink for the fill up. It includes the marker body and the mixer that blends the two or more colors to provide you with a unique color. The selection of different color combinations help create the unique shades of colors required. The use of kit is very easy that is why kids can also use it without trouble.

There are 16 markers making components that are available in the kit. The bottles of ink are included in the kit for mixing better shades. The quality of the colors ink is up to the level of international standard making is a value product since the kit works all on the base of the colors.

crayola marker maker reviewsWho Can Use and What They Can Do With This Educational Toy?

Designed according to the need of children these Crayola Marker Maker kit become a handy tool for the children of 8 years and above age. The fun kit includes the marker making unit that is the functioning section of the product. The functioning section helps develop new and unique shades of colors and for the testing of mixture of two or more colors.

How The Toy Kit Is Organized For Better Usage?

Other than these there are marker storage boxes to keep your amazing created colors safe. These are marker labels for you to keep the markers labeled for future use. You can even write the ingredients color on the label to keep it more professional and helping for the next time.

Now everybody knows what color will become with green and blue or maybe you need a little red plus green on your picture. Don’t be confused. The colors combinations are easy and handy when you have the color guide.

Additional Information From The Toy Guide For The Kids

The kit is created to serve kids need that is why the kit includes a guide to give proper help for young artists. The guide includes the basic information of using the kit as a tool of a factory of customized colors while it also illustrate the best combinations for the children to make their creative canvas more attractive.

The kit includes tips, caps and barrels to create a customized complete product of your own just like the one you usually buy form the market. The refills and other inks are also available at the market for more fun and pleasure.

crayola marker makerThe markers raw material is available that makes it easy for the users to create a set of professional customized marker set. In short with a color mixing and color inventing factory you are empowered to have as much colors as you want in your amazing rainbow.

The kit can be easily carried in the color box or the artist kit that makes it easy for kids to have more fun with it. Though this product is not limited to the age factor, children love to carry it because is it light in weight and can be based on any flat surface making is more useable than ever.

What About The Pricing Factor And Refill?

The marker making kit is also price competitive. The kit is a complete edition of new marker making accessories. Also the refills are available that makes it more demanded product on low price. There is an edgy competition of the product because of the variety and ease of use. The reviews regarding the pricing of the product are satisfactory to the quality of the product.

What Precaution You Should Take With This Crayola Marker Maker Kit?

The use of the kit is easy but it also requires some attention. The colors used in the making of customized color markers can be harmful for children under prescribed age. Also the use of the kit is important and should be according to the guideline provided. It is handy and smart.

Where can you buy Crayola Marker Maker Kit?

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Finally let us look what real users has to say about the Crayola Marker Maker.

Customer Review By J. Perkins (Abingdon, VA USA)

The Crayola Marker Maker is a fun and engaging craft activity for the whole family. The kit comes with enough supplies to make 16 markers which fit into 2 boxes of 8 markers each, making this a great activity for two children to do together. We opened the box on a rainy afternoon and had the assembly completed and directions read in about ten minutes.  Read More at

Customer Review By Holly K. Lee (Chicago, IL)

This is a great kit for a future chemist! My son loved mixing the colors. The tools that come with the kit make it seem very professional, he called it his color lab. Watching the marker wick soak up the color was also interesting. Once you cap it and label it, the marker becomes even more special when you name it! Read More at

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