Features Of Crayola Marker Maker

buy crayola marker makerLet us look at the features of Crayola Marker Maker in detail. You may also be interested in checking out our Review of the Crayola Marker Maker.


  • Best tool for kids of age 8 and above: the Crayola Marker Maker products are best for children of the age of 8 years and above. The product is easy to use and handle for the children making it a fun and also a creative tool for children.
  • Since the product is basically designed for the children of age 8 and above. The product is designed in a way that it is light weight and easy to carry. Children are able to carry the kit to their schools or anywhere around to make it more useful as an artistic tool.
  • The components used in the Crayola Marker Maker products are non toxic that is why it is friendlier for children. The level of difficulty of the product is easy making it a fine start for the children artistic class or a creation for a school project. The care and cleaning of the product is easy. The color can be easily wiped with a damp cloth that makes it the best part for the parents to let their children discover the creativity with a little mess.
  • The components of the kits are all made of plastic. The plastic used is not breakable easily with a hit or two. But the plastic used is also not harmful for the prescribed age of children.
  • The use of power batteries is an issue when it comes to creative tools for children under the age of 12 years. The Crayola Marker Maker products are not only easy to use but also free from the power batteries issue. The factory of color mixing and making section does not require the batteries to run. This is another feature that makes it friendlier for children to use.
  • The mixer of the factory is a best part of the Crayola Marker Maker products kit. The number of pieces for different kits varies with sizes. The mixing factory for colors is the important section and it is non toxic for the use. The factory blends in the colors properly and gives the desired shade of the color according to the need. The mixer does not leave any bubbles or solid material that may stick into the blended customized maker and destroy the flow of marker.
  • The refills of the markets bottles are available and also the inks used to create new colors. The inks are available in the market on low prices that make the Crayola Marker Maker kit a must have in the artist tools.
  • The factory mixer part or the mixing tool in the kit is one time investments for the users. The colors and inks can be bought again that makes it a perfect investment. The components also include tips of different types, the barrels and the refills in the kit as a complete package for the user. The packaging is in perfect sizes. The labels are also included in the kit that can be used to name the colors created by children and even separated by names for a specific project.

We advise you to order Crayola Marker Maker early as this toy has become famous and is a great choice for festive season.

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